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Website with a purpose

DIY a Money-Making website in as little as 1 week

The more-than-you-knew-you-needed course for tech-allergic women who want a drag and drop WordPress website that makes money

4 quick-start website templates included!

I got there. I built a website! I actually could do it.

In the videos, Misty kept telling me that I'd learn how to [design my website pages] by myself. I really doubted that was ever going to happen for me. But I got there. I built a website, then a sales page, an and eCourse, and even a membership. She was right. I actually could do it.


You feel called to be online, and

think a website might be a good idea but...

It's too expensive

Paying $3500+ for a custom design is out of the question.  Having a beautiful expensive site doesn’t guarantee you will make money, right?

You've tried DIY before and failed

The resulting website was not something that would make a good impression on potential customers.  You are tech allergic. Words like WordPress, child theme, and cpanel leave you wishing someone could explain it to you like you are 5. 

Your people are on Instagram

The “experts” say you need a website, but to be honest, you don’t really know why, and hate slimy sales tactics.  Can’t you just use Instagram until you have a big following and THEN get a website?

What if you had

A website you can show off

without the $3500 price tag

No more being embarrassed by your website!  What would it be like to send people there with confidence and excitement because your website finally looks as good as you really are?

Full control of your website

without the DIY look

Load a quick start template for an beautiful starting point. Then….want to move a picture?  DONE.  Change some text?  EASY PEASY.  Add a fancy border? YOU’VE GOT THIS. 

Leads you can email anytime

w/o slimy selling techniques

Followers on Instagram come and go as easy as Jr High friends. But what if you had a list of email subscribers who are excited to buy from you when you have something to sell?

Connections w/ the right people

w/o trying to please everyone

There are people God needs you to find and #lighttheworld through your talents. What if your website helped you sift through the crowds and build relationships those people?

Without breaking the bank or becoming a code-wizard?

You CAN DIY a Service-Focused,
money-making website...

...without having a total tech freakout (and yes, you need a website asap!)

(The drag and drop editor you'll use to build your website)

Get a head start with 4 quick-start website templates

Let’s banish website shame forever!  Stop relying on expensive designers or “affordable” developers who barely speak English.   Instead, start with a gorgeous quick start template and use an easy to learn drag-and-drop tool to create exactly what you dream of – and update it next year (or month) when that vision changes.

Passive income on autopilot

A website is a MUST if you want to eventually earn passive income on auto-pilot.  Build your website the right way, and over time, Google and Pinterest will send you traffic regularly. They ain’t going to send that traffic to Instagram – if you want it, you need a website.  And the sooner the better b/c it will take 6-24 months to start seeing regular search traffic after you build your site.

(One of the 4 Lead Generator page templates you can choose from)

A website that is more than pretty

Good web design is about results (aka improving lives and making money), not looks. You need to get your people from Instagram, where their attention is constantly being pulled in a gazillion directions, onto a website built to serve them so you can capture their email address and their attention.  Every page of your quick-start website is designed to do exactly that.

Sell without being slimy

Selling with integrity is all about getting the right words on your website. Get them wrong and people feel icky.  Get them right and people feel important and understood.  You have to know where to find the words you need and where to put them on your website. No click-bait.  No hard selling.

Each of your quick start website pages will be "mapped" out, showing you exactly what words to put where
After Website with a purpose, my website helps me make money
and it is something I am super proud of



Website With a Purpose

How women of faith DIY websites that #LightTheWorld and make money

With every video I watch, I think:
"I knew this was going to be good but this includes SO MUCH MORE and is so much better than I imagined!"


Look at what other women - just like you - have created

Using the Website With a Purpose course and the included quick-start templates:

Website With a Purpose

uses the MAP Method

(Because serving is more fun than selling and

when you put people first, profits follow)

MAP stands for Money And People.
A MAP Method website does 3 things

1. Welcomes The Right People

Make the people you want to help feel understood (like you are reading their mind) and welcome on your website

2. Builds Relationships

Build KLAT (Know, Like and Trust)  with the people you want to serve on your website

3. Generates Leads

Provide a solution to a problem that your people are willing to give their email address to you for. You’ll continue building KLAT via email so that when you are ready to sell, your people are ready to buy

Not only were the quick-start templates great, the course had a lot of great pieces in there to help us to build a website that was effective, that reached our target market and drew them in so they would know exactly what we were here for.

Deidra and Danicia,

Website With A Purpose allows you to

DIY a Map Method website
in 7 days*

*approximately 5 hours per day for 7 days or 2.5 hours per day for 14 days

What You'll Get & do each day:

Day 1


Make your visitors feel welcome on your website by choosing words that allow them to feel like you are reading their mind. Learn how to find those words and spend a few hours adding them to your Information Inventory template. 

Day 2


Your website’s job is to sell, so it must collect leads. Today you’ll choose 1 of 3 templates and use it to create a beautiful, free gift for your website visitors. You’ll offer them this gift on your website in exchange for their email address.

Day 3

Welcome Series

Leads are important, but relationships are how you sell with integrity because they allow you to serve your people, not just sell to them. Today you’ll use the Welcome Series Masterplan template (like mad-libs for email) to write a series of emails that will help your new leads get to know, like and trust you.

Day 4

Install Template

Today you will choose & install your quick-start website template. You’ll change the colors and fonts of the ENTIRE WEBSITE to your own in just a few clicks. You’ll learn how to use your drag-and-drop website builder – I’ll even quiz you so you can be confident when you start using it tomorrow.

Day 5

Bits and Pieces

Today you’ll start customizing the images and words  on the simpler parts of your site:  your header & footer, popups, blog, coming soon, contact, join, legal, 404 page etc. This is a great way to get comfortable using your new drag and drop website builder.

Day 6


Today you tackle your Homepage, arguably the most important page on your entire website.  We’ll switch out images & write your copy (the words on the page) using the words you collected on Day #1.

Day 7

About Page

On day 7 you’ll focus on your About Page, another extremely important page on your website and one that most people get wrong.  This page will either draw the right people to you or push them away.  I’ll show you how to do the first.

I was able to get my website up and running in just a few days! And now I am so grateful I do not need to pay someone every time I need something changed or added to my website.


Hi! I'm Misty

I’m a momprenuer like you (I had 4 kids in 3 years), but I’ve been designing and tech-ing and marketing since 2008.  I’ve sold a 6-figure business and now I want to be your cheerleader, teacher and tech-guru.


You didn’t start your business to spend all day searching YouTube for “How to change the colors on my website.”


You started your business because you feel called to help a group of people with a talent or gift God has blessed you with.  Let me help with the heavy (tech) lifting so you can focus on what God has actually asked you to do.

Website with a Purpose isn't just a website theme or templates

It is a system Meant to empower you


Website with a Purpose

Misty helped us learn a lot about design and a lot about how to reach our market. Now We Feel A Lot More Confident Being Online Because We Have This Legitimate, Beautiful Website. We're even creating beautiful pages on our own.

Deidra, and Danicia,

Enroll Now:

Website With a Purpose

The more-than-you-knew-you-needed website template + course for tech-allergic women of faith who want a
Drag-and-drop WordPress website that makes money & #LightsTheWorld
Value: $1553*
1 Payment of $999


3 payments of $389

*Values are not inflated estimates.  They are the prices I have or am currently selling that product for separately on my website

Website with a purpose is changing my life. I actually have experience coding, so I didn’t think I needed to pay for a course like this. But, I am finding that this course is not just about the website itself, but the whole process of preparing to have a website that can be successful. It really is like 10+ courses all in one.

Alex @MindfulWithMedia

30 Day Easy-To-Get Money Back Guarantee

I am certain Website with a Purpose will empower you to DIY a better-than-pretty website.  I don’t want you to have any hesitation about buying it. In fact, I am so confident Website With a Purpose will exceed your expectations that I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


If you want a refund, all you have to do is email my assistant and tell her why/how it was not helpful (so I can improve it in the future). I won’t hold you to any silly rules about completing homework or give you any other hoops to jump through.

When I found Misty, I honestly felt saved. Her quick-start templates are beautiful and her course is thorough - even if you have not used WordPress or Elementor before. She explains exactly what to do. It's a great step-by-step.
You will not regret investing in Website with a Purpose.


What others are saying:


I used to be embarrassed to send people to my website, but not anymore

I am not tech savvy. I don’t know anything. Before I met Misty, I had a website that I wasn’t very proud of and I didn’t really want to send people there.

I used the Little House template re-create my website. It was an amazing experience. Misty is gifted at breaking things down into bite-sized pieces. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I just sat down here and there, whenever I had a few extra minutes and would work on the next step. Building my website with these templates turned out incredible.

I now have a website that I know points people to the most important things that I want to share with them. It helps me make money. And it is something that I am super proud of. I used to be a little bit embarrassed to send people to my website, but not anymore. I’m so proud of my website, it turned out amazing with Misty’s help. Using her template was one of the best business decisions that I have ever made.

I now feel confident in making changes, creating pages, and adding information to my website on my own.

Before I found Misty, I did not even know where to start. I started a WordPress website and tried to figure everything out on my own. It was taking forever! My website ended up being a jumbled mess and not cohesive at all. I had no idea exactly what pages or menus I need on my website so I made a few random pages. I did my best on my own and my copy was focused on all the wrong things and did not speak to my ideal customer.


I was so grateful I found Misty and her MAP Method! Using video tutorials, Misty walked me step by step through the entire process to create a beautiful, cohesive website that reflects my business.  I was able to get my website up and running in just a few days.


 My copy is catered to reaching my ideal customers. Each page template described exactly what information I needed to customize in each section to fit my brand and the needs of my customers. Misty’s instructions were clear and easy to follow which saved me so much time.



My website looks amazing because of Misty. I have pages I never knew I needed (like a customized 404 Error page). Misty is so knowledgeable about website design and tech. Misty is available to answer tech questions through Ask Me Anything—which has been a lifesaver for me!



I was so grateful to gain so much knowledge while using the Misty’s website templates. I now feel confident in making changes, creating pages, and adding information to my website on my own. I am so grateful I do not need to pay someone every time I need something changed or added to my website.


I love telling others I have a website and am excited to share it with my customers because I love it!


Thank you Misty for creating such a wonderful product for Mompreneurs and our small businesses!



Each different page facilitates the purpose of that page

When I first started making my own website, I realized how over my head I was. I tried to figure out how to make my website look pretty. I went to the WordPress free themes and I realized quickly that I did not love them. 



So I did a search online someone said, you need to buy a theme.  So I bought a theme and. slapped it on my website. Got it all set up. I couldn’t customize the fonts. I couldn’t customize where things were, but it slapped a pretty face on my website. That same pretty face was slapped across every single page.


It was very limited in what I was able to do as far as my website. Fast forward a couple months to when I got Misty’s template and started customizing it on my website and all of a sudden the world was open to me. Not only did it have this professional look to it, but it had all of the different pages set with the different purposes for each page. I had my about page set up, a blog, set up.  All of these different pages were all connected and set up for me, which is something that is totally beyond me; something that I could not do on my own.  Misty’s templates are robust, especially in comparison to a WordPress theme that you can buy online.


The second thing I love about it is that it’s customizable. I can add different things wherever I need to.


The third thing that I love about Misty’s templates is that they look really nice. Each different page’s design facilitates the purpose of that page, which is super nice. Especially for me who is unfamiliar with web stuff in general, it was nice to have something that was already looking good. It just was a matter of switching things up to make it look like me and my own brand.


If you are wondering if you should jump on Misty’s templates and you have a website that you are trying to maybe sell some things on or create a solid platform on, I highly recommend Misty’s templates, you will not regret it.

When I found Misty, I honestly just felt saved

I’m an art teacher and I wanted to start a business with art lessons. I honestly just didn’t even know where to start. When it came to the tech, I was taking another class and there wasn’t really any instruction on how to start your website. And when I found Misty, I just felt honestly saved.

I have done her website template and I just would start whenever I had time to work on it. I would just start at her tutorial and just go through the list and do everything that she said to do. And then the next day I continued on and. 

In the tutorials, she keeps telling you that you will learn how to do it yourself.  Then you can make decisions on your own. And I really doubted that that was ever going to happen for me. But I got there. I did her website. Her sales page template, her eCourse template. And actually, she was right. I actually could do it. 


I’m really happy with how it turned out. It has saved me so much time. What I love about Misty’s templates is they’re so thorough that if you have not used WordPress before, if you haven’t used Elementor, she explains exactly what to do. It’s a great step-by-step, especially if you’re like me and you had no idea what you’re doing, 


I’m sure that she teaches a lot to do people who already kind of know what they’re doing. It’s really great. Like the second time when I started my membership site, I already knew a little bit what I was doing, but it was still really awesome to get her template for that and then I actually tweaked it a little bit. And so that was really fun. And I was excited that I had learned what to do in the process. 


I  highly recommend thank you so much Misty, and you guys will not regret using any of her templates. It’s 100%.


Deidra and Danicia,

Now we're just taking pieces from the templates and creating beautiful pages on our own

Prior to Misty, we did not know what we were doing. We had no tech experience, zero design experience, and we didn’t even know where to start. We felt completely overwhelmed.

Also, because our niche is so unique we didn’t know if these templates were really going to be able to help our niche specifically because we teach American sign language and we have big plans for the future.

When we got the templates, we were like, oh, we have a starting place. We can do this! It really was nice to have something that was beautifully done already, that we could really make our own. It was very, very user-friendly. Not only was the design great, it also had a lot of great pieces in there to help us to build a website that was effective that really reached our target market and drew them in so they would know exactly what we were here for.

We also realized these templates can help anybody – legitimately anybody. They are laid out in a way that anyone can use them effectively. There are lots of great pieces in there that will help you reach your target market, be effective online and make it your own.

Another thing that was really nice while we were building the website using the templates, was we were really able to change things up a little bit, to make it fit us, to make it feel more personal for us, but then the design was still there.
Now as we built the website using the templates, we feel a lot more confident. It’s helped us learn a lot about design and a lot about how to reach our market. Now we’re just taking pieces from the templates and creating beautiful pages on our own. We definitely feel a lot more confident just being online and because we have this legitimate, beautiful website and really it’s because of the templates

Misty is amazing. You should definitely use her templates. We highly recommend them.

The QUick Start Templates

There are 4 different quick-start templates, and you get access to them ALL when you purchase Website with a Purpose. 

Each template comes with the following:

Misty walked me step-by-step through the entire process to create a beautiful, cohesive website that reflects my business. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. She described exactly what information I needed to customize in each section to fit the needs of my customers.


Why WordPress

Instead of Wix, Kajabi, Showit, Squarespace etc.


WordPress makes it easy for a novice to optimize your site for SEO. This means you'll be able to make sure your pages and posts will be "read" by Google (and other search engines) so they have the possibility of turning up in search results

No limits

I've had client's who've built on other platforms (Kajabi, Podia, Showit, Wix, Weebly) who come back months or years later wanting WordPress b/c there are too many things they can't do on their other platform. WordPress has 45k+ plugins (addons) and will grow with your business.

Everything in one place

It stinks to have your website one place, your blog over there, your membership yonder, and your shop somewhere else. With WordPress, everything's in one place.

Why Elementor

Elementor is to WordPress as an app is to your smart phone – it makes it fancier! (WordPress apps are called “plugins”)

Ease of use

Wordpress is HARD if you don't know how to code. Well, actually it's only hard if you don't have Elementor.

Elementor is a app (aka plugin) you add to your website that makes it drag-and-drop (without code). There are other WordPress website builder apps out there (Beaver, WPBakery, Thrive Architect etc), and I've used them all.

I like Elementor the best for these 3 reasons:

1 - The price is right

At just $49 per year (that's just over $4 per month), you can completely transform your WordPress website into something a complete newbie can edit. Compare that to $228+ for Showit or even $99 for Beaver Builder and it's a steal!

2 - Mobile Design

I have yet to find a website builder (WordPress or otherwise) that makes designing for different size screens so easy. It'll do 90% of the work automatically AND give you really granular control to make sure your site is optimized for the 50%+ people who view it there.

3 - Features and Tools

I've used most every WordPress website builder out there. I was frustrated by limitations in most of them, but I've yet to find something I want to do that I can't do with Elementor or it's addons. Plus, it integrates well with thousands of other WordPress plugins.

These Elementor quick-start templates are robust, especially in comparison to a WordPress theme you can buy online. They are customizable and they look really nice.

Plus, each different page’s design facilitates the purpose of that page, which is nice - Especially for me who is unfamiliar with web stuff.

It just was a matter of switching things up to make it look like me and my own brand.



How/when do I choose a template?

You don’t have to!  Technically, you could use them all.  But you  will choose one to install on Day 4.  Need to build another site later on?  You can choose a different template for that site!

You can view demo sites for each template by clicking on the links below:

The Serenity


The Little House


The Impact


The Anna Hart


What type of support comes with Website With a Purpose?

In addition to the short, step-by-step tutorial videos,  you get 30 minute FREE access Misty via video messaging 

Can’t figure out how to change background picture?  Shoot me a message!  I’ll log into your site and show you.

Struggling with a piece of copy?  Let’s talk about it together.

You truly can ask me anything at all about your website!  I’ll log into YOUR website (if needed) and create a video answer for you in 24-48 hours.

I'm tech-allergic, can I really do this?

Absolutely! But I won’t lie to you and say it will be super easy.

Using this system will make it far, far easier to do than if you tried to do it on your own – hundreds of hours easier.

But you will still be learning a new skill.  New skills take practice.

You don’t have to be techy, but you do need to be

  • Willing to trust me and do what I say
  • Willing to watch all the videos and take notes
  • Willing to ask questions b4 you get too frustrated
  • Willing to work even when you don’t feel like it
  • Willing to “fail” in order to learn

If you are willing to do those 5 things, then this system will work very well for you!

Can I REALLY create a full website in a week?

Yes.  But it will require 4-6 hours per day for 7 days.  If at all possible, I suggest you do this.  Get a babysitter, have your husband cover laundry and dinner (even if it’s cereal), don’t stress about sweeping the floor and make it happen.  It’s just 1 week and it will feel SO SO good to have it done.

If that simply will not work for your situation, then I suggest 2-3 hours a day for 2-3 weeks.  Do it after the kids are in bed, during nap time, while they are at school.  


What makes these templates different than any other WordPress theme or Elementor template I could buy?

4 things:

  1. This aren’t JUST website templates with an installation tutorial.  You are getting a full course about how to build a website that actually makes you money and serves people.  You’ll learn about quality email marketing, effective copywriting, how to create a freemium that works and more. 
  2. You get extra templates.  In addition to the course and website templates you also get 6 email swipe files (fill in the blank style emails) and Canva (affiliate) templates so you can create a freemium and products quickly and start making money sooner.
  3. You can actually edit them Most themes allow you to change your colors and fonts and maybe a few other things (if it is a quality theme) But these templates aren’t a theme.  They are drag and drop templates that allow you to edit your theme – every single piece of it.  You can create anything you want without having to re-hire a designer every time you need to make an update or change.
  4. The support – check out the answer to “what type of support comes with my template” above
Will these templates work well on mobile?

Absolutely.  This is one of the main reasons I LOVE using Elementor Pro.


I have yet to find a website builder (WordPress or otherwise) that makes designing for different size screens so easy. It’ll do 90% of the work automatically AND give you really granular control to make sure your site is optimized for the 50%+ people who view it there.


While your template has been tested on multiple screen sizes, I suggest you double check the tablet and mobile views after you add your own content (words and images). The tutorials will walk you through how to do this.

Will your templates help me with my copy too?

Yep!  These templates are unique in that way.  Most website templates out there are just built to look pretty (even if they say otherwise).


But these templates are both pretty and strategic.  They are built using a proven strategy: The MAP Method. That method includes both the design AND the copy.


As I guide you through how to design your website in the step-by-step tutorial videos, I will also guide you through the copy you should write, why you should write it and where you should put it on the page. 


You’re getting a course in copywriting all wrapped up in a template!

Can I use the images that I see in my template?

Yes!  But you will have to purchase them first.  I have paid for a license to use those pictures on my websites, but I don’t have permission for you to use them on your own site.


When you download your template, it will not include any images.


The majority of the pictures (with the exception of the Impact template – those are pictures taken by my own photographer), come from Ivory Mix (affiliate – their membership is SO SO worth it) or Deposit Photos


Each template comes with links to where you can purchase the images used in that template.


What if my site isn't on WordPress?

These templates will only work on a WordPress website with Elementor Pro (affiliate) installed.

Scroll back up the page a bit and read why I recommend this combination and then consider switching.  I can help walk you through the process during the free month of Ask Me Anything you get when you buy  Website With a Purpose

What if don't have a website at all?

Then you are in the right place my friend!


This is the system I wish I’d had when I was just barely starting online.  They will get you off and running in the best way possible and set your business up for success.

Tell me more about the Money Maker Bundle

The Money Maker bundle is an addon to Website in a Week.  You can see demos by clicking below (please note that these demos include everything you get with Website in a Week AND the Money Maker Bundle):


The Serenity with the Money Maker Bundle

The Little House with the Money Maker Bundle

The Impact with the Money Maker Bundle

The Anna Hart with the Money Maker Bundle


Website in a week will get you all setup with a beautiful website that creates quality leads.  If you don’t plan to sell a product of your own (you plan to only sell affiliate products – aka recommending others’ products), then this will be enough. 


But when/if you want to sell your own digital product (and get 100% of the profits instead of  a smaller% of a product you recommend), then the Money Maker Bundle is there to help you do that as seamlessly as possible.


You get multiple digital product templates – like eBooks and Workbooks and Planners – that you can make on your own inside Canva (affiliate).  


Then, you’ll start selling that simple product using Woocommerce (a free plugin -aka app) you’ll add to your website.  The bundle comes with tutorials to walk you through that process and the website (Elementor affiliate) templates to make it easy.


You could even sell a simple eCourse with Woocommerce and the templates provided.


As you grow you will likely want to start offering more robust products – a membership or a more robust eCourse.  (this is where passive income is possible).  


I’ll walk you through the process by helping you install Accessally* (my favorite plugin – aka app – for your website) which will let you build any funnel, membership or course you can dream of.  You’ll also get website (Elementor) templates to make this as easy as possible.


*Woocommerce is a free plugin (aka app) for your website.  Accessally is also a plugin (aka app) for your website and it costs $1290 per year or $129 per month and is not included in the Money Maker Bundle.

Do I have to buy Elementor Pro for these templates to work?

Yep, and I promise you’ll thank me.  It is the #1 tool I recommend to new mompreneurs.  In fact, if I didn’t believe in agency, I’d force all mompreneurs to get it.  It’s just $49/ year.  That’s pennies when it comes to your business and it’s worth far more than what they charge.


Even if you don’t use one of my templates, if you want to be able to edit your own website on WordPress, you NEED Elementor Pro.  Get it right here (affiliate).

How do I move all my blog posts and stuff to this new site?

If you are already on WordPress, you’ll setup up a staging site on day #4.  A staging site is an exact copy of your live site – including your blog posts.

We do this so that your live site is still seamlessly available to your visitors while you work to improve it for them.  Once you are done with your redesign, we will copy your staging site over to the live site.  When we do that, all the blog posts come with it, only they’ll be formatted according to your new design.

If you are not on WordPress, but would like to move over, I can help answer questions as you work through this process during the free month of Ask Me Anything you get when you purchase a template.

I've bought a custom theme before and couldn't edit it like I wanted to. How is this different?

Elementor Pro (affiliate) is not a theme.  These templates are not themes either.


Instead, we will change your theme (on a staging site – see question above for more about this) to a very basic theme called Astra.  We will then use Elementor to edit that theme through a drag and drop interface.


It is totally do-able, I promise!  You’ll be able to edit every single piece of your website.  I’ll walk you through it one short tutorial video at a time and you’ll be able to ask me question inside of Ask Me Anything (you get a free month when you purchase Website in a Week or the Money Maker Bundle).

Is it worth switching to a WordPress website?

Yes, I believe so!  And so does Camille from Camille’s Primary Ideas. 


We moved her site to WordPress in 2019 and here is what she has to say:


Switching my website over to WordPress using your help was one of the best things I’ve ever done!  My monthly singing time subscription is doing AMAZINGLY well, even with singing time still canceled.  I never would have even thought to do it without your suggestions to go through with it.


If you want to know more about why I recommend WordPress, scroll a little farther down and read the paragraphs under “Why WordPress”  Camille never could have made her Singing Time subscription work the way it does on Blogger.

Is this the right type of website for my business?

If you do any type of content marketing, then yes, this is the right website for your business.

Content Marketing = trying to teach something to others via blogging podcasting, videos, IG posts etc.

How soon can I start after I signup?

Right away if you want to!

You will be given access to the entire course immediately after you pay – you won’t have to check your email or anything – you will just be taken right to the course.


You will GET and email and you can come back later if you want, but you can start immediately after payment.


I suggest you go through the course 1 step at a time, in the order it is setup in.  This will give you the best chance of creating a website that will actually serve and make money instead of one that is just pretty.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will also have access to the course for the lifetime of the course. You can go through the course at whatever pace works for YOU.

You will get any and all upgrades without any additional payment.

If for any reason I decide to retire Website With A Purpose, I will give you at least 3 months notice so you can download all the content.

Will I need to buy anything in addition to this course to get my website up?

Yes, but not much.

You will need to buy a domain. I recommend Google Domains and it will cost around $12 per YEAR. 

You will need to buy website hosting.  I recommend WPMUDEV and it’s $12 per month.

You will need to buy ConvertKit* in order to send automated marketing emails.  It’s $9 per month.

Last, you will need to buy Elementor Pro*  (what turns your website into a drag and drop editor) and it is $49 per YEAR.

You will also have option to buy discounted legal templates from the attorney I recommend (Brittany Ratelle*) to get your website legally legit.

*Affiliate link

I have a question that isn't answered here

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I am not tech savvy. I used to be embarrassed to send people to my website, but not anymore. I now have a website that I know points people to the most important things. It helps me make money. And it is something that I am super proud of.


You've Got This!

If you are thinking:


Whom am I?  I can’t do this.  I’m not talented enough


I want you to hear me:


You CAN do this!


Instead of saying “I can’t”,  try:

  • I can’t yet
  • I can’t without help
  • I can’t if I don’t try

You’ve got talents to share and people to help.  They need you to push through the fear and do scary things like building a website so they can find you.


I’m here to help.  I look forward to meeting you inside of Website With a Purpose!


Start DIY-ing your money-making website now!

If you are wondering if you should jump on Website With A Purpose, I highly recommend it, you will not regret it.